tall boys

PC: ashleyglorioso aka purse'nboots
during the past heat wave in los angeles, hottie jen k. and i found ourselves melting away in beautiful and groovy laurel canyon. after hours of clothes and poses, we managed to scavenge some tall boys that matched us accordingly. a coors light for the texas native, and a tecate for guess who. cosmic hair by jenny kim, styling by ashley glorioso, all clothes and trinkets sold here.


Kameshee said...

such a nice blog! in this post, i love the tshirt with the black cross and the hair! could you do a tutorial on the hair?
btw, ive added you to my faves

fashionwave said...

obsessed with the hair!

Nadia said...


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

yes, the hair is nuts!

kameshee- my hair was done by an amazing hairstlyist.. what i know from sitting in her chair is: she started by parting my hair down the middle, braided upwards about halfway (i have fairly long hair), then began to fishtail braid the rest, she swirled them side to side, and placed with booby pins.
this porb doesnt help much unless u know how to fishtail braid or a friend does! cause i sure don't :(