wild things

dear senorita diaz...

go back to modeling. PLEASE.

PC: W Magazine, V Magazine


gucci ribs

PC: Style.com

oh to be so cool

becca's perfect necklace combo. check out her RAD line of boots
the coolness that is jason http://jasonboyd.tv/
energy, energy, and damn gorgeous.

rainbow connection

Bipolar much? If yesterday was a dark phase, today is heavily influenced by a childhood obsession with Rainbow Bright and Starlite. Once again, click pic.

PC: Harpers Bazaar, THEM THANGS, Nylon, Googleimages, FFFFOUND, Molly Barrack Photography ;)



wool jacket w/leather belt. i need. can i borrow $900 please?

abbot kinney sweethearts

pretty smiles, and model-pretty justin.

abbot kinney pavement

muchas gracias to las cute girls
with cute zapatos annnd cute bolsas.

dark phase

Click to enlarge.


hi kate

Why hello there old friend. I'm liking sparkles over spikes but I've always been more princess than punk.

PC: Vogue Paris via Because I'm Addicted (one of ze best, in my humble opinion)


abbot kinney street festival 2009

first time behind the camera, so deal with it.
(i really mean: i beg you, have mercy)
more to come! lots more.

it was a nice try

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let me introduce myself

hiii. i'm the other shoe.
pc: studded hearts

oh mom

italy, 1974

Every little girl wakes up one day to realize her mom is not the heroine we always thought she was. Then there are those days where she is exactly the heroine we always knew she was.


queen b

More insider scoop from M at the Betsey Johnson show! She tells us it's at the Plaza Hotel. Ooo La La.

circus tents

M, one of our correspondents here at WMOS, is walking by, and about to attend, a NYFW09 show. We are beyong exicted as she shares a quick pic of thee Bryant Park. Send Betsey J. our love, M.


alexander wang after party

Someday we will be there. Yes, partying in a gas station ... girl's gotta have dreams.


under construction

please be patient while i try and find my other shoe...