midnight glitter party

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must we really wear dresses? i wouldn't whine if i had my missing chucks to wear with a blinding and barely there frock, but i don't, so i whine. i'd rather wear a baggy tee and lace shorts. orrrrr a bikini bottom and sand. ok second outfit wins. now,champagne or tequila? cheers blogosphere!! xx!!


Oracle Fox said...

mmmm pink champagne and lemon sorbet, orrrr normal champagne and mango sorbet. This is the source of my thumpin noggin today! Happy New Year beautiful girl! xxx

Oracle Fox said...

you sneaky little hussy, i heard from miss ashley she told me all about how much fun you've been having without me, the love triangle is not complete without you're Australian lover from down under, hehe not fair. Oh well, I've been surfing anyway and it was fun and the water was warm, so there! xxxxx

rich girls. said...

i wish i were exotic and pocahontas-like enough to wear that dress in the fourth shot. but like a beach version of pocahontas.
the beading and shell details just makes it beyond incredible. x.