honk if you're shorty

oh the wonderful world of outtakes! shot at the santa monica incline/pch overpass by hayley "badabing" magrini. styled by some random chick that has a blog called purse 'n boots ;) amazing hops by model kylie cusick. shorts here. tees here. jewelry here.


thug life

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bikini top by beauty and the beach.


in the undertow

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top and denim shorts by mink pink, garage door by gabe's neighbor.



PC: kristyan. muchas aloha to tami and chloe :)
waking up from a nap just in time for golden hour. i've been saving this awesome shirt by sugarhigh lovestoned for a sunny day at cardiff. now that it's been slept in and has some surf wax smudgies, it's officially ready for summer! get it HEEERE! right hand: chan luu, kettle black, jen's pirate booty, vintage tibetan cuff. left hand: recycled leather band handpainted by kristyan. boards by him too.


on the count of three

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the mamas and the papas

photos courtesy of planet blue. thanks to lily kaufman and kelly santos!
outtakes from planet blue's coachella lookbook (hayley magrini's brainchild)! photography by amazing dude, brook keegan. styled by jen rossi (jen's pirate booty) and lil jess. they also busted some moves in front of the camera with chelsea, kristyan, and me.


four walls

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third photo at brook keegan's joint, pre-shoot.