two front teeth

yup. all i want for christmas is my two front teeth.
merry merry peeps xx.
gucci sunglasses, russh magazine subscription, vogue paris subscription, nars candy darling, nars body glow, any teeny BIKINI and i will SO die, coffee date, fuji film instax pack, canon g11, any short shorts will do magic, and replacement chucks (mine have vanished).


fashionwave said...

all those goodies make for the perfect vacayy....take me awayyy!

Ashley said...

if you were santa the world would be a better place

Unknown said...

hope you had a fantastic xmas xxxx

Oracle Fox said...

Hey my hottylicious! Merrry Xmas to you to I hope you had the sickest day ever!! Surely some of your fam came through with at least some of these items on your wishlist, i just bought the insanesty insight denim shorts like these I reckon you'd love!! In Byron right now escaped the shite camping adventure of further down south it was tooooo wet!! Not much surf though and still rainy as hell! :-( Omg speaking of crochet which Sammy always pronounces croquet, heheh, I found this beautiful crochet maxi thingy that I'm very tempted to purchase, somebody stop me, I'm going to turn into crochet if I don't watch out!! Hope you've got some rad NY's plans! xxxx

purse 'n boots said...

meooowwww peinadoooo!

what are these high waisted (not judging) bebe suede shorts you speak of?! mayyy have to run to the dreaded beverly center to scope these babies out!!! and i have NO idea what i'm wearing for new years...some completely inappropriate non-new yearsy lace beaded flowy short something or other with of course, boots. you rock that backless no chain sexy cheeks out number--i will be right there with you!! hahaha MISS you lady!! sad i'm not going to see you for the shoot thursday. :( me no likey. LOVE you mama!

smashley <3

Cami said...

I will second ALL of those Xmas wishes! Great blog, and I see from above you are a friend of the lovely Oracle Foxy Mandy! Any friend of hers, is a friend of ours! XXX

jenn said...

lovely blog. I love your taste & style :)

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