won't you lay me down in the tall grass

shop the lookbook here.
dress by nightcap clothing, denim overalls by siwy denim
PC: todd macmillan via shopplanetblue.com. words-fleetwood mac

bare necessities

just need the belt, really.
PC: vogue espana via fgr

blister in the sun

ah. my fave outfit... shorts, boots, invisible top.
PC: vogue espana


hey little sister shotgun

PC: vogue paris 2006 via fgr, words- billy idol

old enough to change your name

PC: self service mag 2008 via fgr, words- neil young



good outfit for these april showers.
PC: stolengirlfriendsclub, studdedhearts


in living color

one of my all-time faves. daria is never less than magical (holy shit the third picture).
PC: vogue uk 2008 via fgr


good vibrations

dress by nightcap clothing.
PC: nightcap clothing spring lookbook


new feature on le blogster

you can now check a lil box to respond to posts. sooo easy, no effort man! do it!
PC: quiksilver

everybody comes to hollywood

...how could it hurt you, when it looks so good
PC: fgr, words- madonna

rattlesnake charm

shoots in malibu are always my favorite. pics to follow soon...
PC: random/rvca


part deux

moi, on bleach black.
jen's pirate booty black lace dress, mara hoffman bikini
PC: bleach black via shopplanetblue.com


couture and beach towels
PC: vogue uk via fgr


we can be heroes, just for one day

PC: dazed & confused magazine via fgr, words- david bowie


i. drink. your. milkshake.

fantastic! name that quote.
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are you my mother?

PC: tns

latte and pages

joie dolman sweater, h&m scarf, kerri wilder and vintage rings, zanzibar latte
PC: ashley



one of the best mags out there. has the dopest models (zippora seven style) and photography. it's only issue#2 so start your collection now amigas. (is dopest a word? most dope?)
PC: mirage magazine via fgr