something wicked this way comes

no tricks, all treats. enjoy all hallows eve.

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the poly life

sit. pose. pose. shake it.
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strong shoulders

running paris fashion week.
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lily and jessica do marie

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c'est isabeli fontana

how excited are we for the november issue of vogue paris? beaucoup! how about isabeli being the cover model? oui! and what are those shoes? ooh la effin' la.
PC: vogue paris november 09


bringing home the bacon

after 3 hours of sleep, an 11 hour school day (cut short), the beginning of an affair with a sore throat, and undereyes so dark i could be as dope as erin wasson... the only thing that could put the pink back in my cheeks would be our darling and magical kate. (you must click image to enlarge, you really should)

nice try, copy cats

These Jeffrey Campbell Starburst booties look pretty darn close but the Chloe's will always have a special place in my heart. Oh, but they are just over a thousand dollars cheaper ....

american idol

I know a Stevie Nicks style obsession is nothing new, but I can't help it this time of year. I just want to put on a long lacy dress and tons of rings and dance around the house watching Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus--while wishing I was a real life witch.

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dear fall season, i refuse to wear pants.

and you can't make me.
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sitting, waiting, wishing

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work it

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take me back to nowhere

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totally a DIY tank (yay). keep it neil.


zippora "no make-up" seven

monday daydreaming = new zealand, teepee, baggy sweater, bikini bottoms.
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my heart belongs to me

niiiiiiiice. i get tres happy when they post new styles.

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sparkle, smoke, scream, smile

favorite editorial of sasha. ever.
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vie avant coco?

The gods were very kind to us in the realm of cinema with The September Issue and Coco Avant Chanel both being released this fall. Coco Avant Chanel was everything we dreamed and more. Things we now desperately need; a straw hat, a men's white dress shirt, a glass of champagne, oh, and to be French. That's all I'm asking.

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chloe boots + anna = we die

anna. styled by ze best, emmanuelle alt.

PC: paris vogue november 2008, models.com

hi my name is perfect

super envious of look 1's necklaces. ugh.
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