get a room

kate and mini disco ball, a crumb measurement of my addiction, music for my eyes, warm water babies.



fairfax flea market on sunday morning with ash, mandy, and hayley. photos by we are you neak (nerd face by meee). this site is so sweet and yummy. my fave category is of berlin fashion week, guten taggg jungens! i'm wearing vintage faux fur and plaid shirt, stolen white tee from a boy, gifted chip and pepper denim, dv shoes, jen's pirate booty jewelry, and polaroid instax 210 camera.


happy as a hippo

PC: google and shit
appreciate here (listen). respect here (purchase).

we're all dirty stinkin hippies

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we just wear deodorant and have macs now.


where brooklyn at

PC: hayley magrini
amazingggg brenda and little ol' me shot by hayley <3
chaser tee, stone cold fox shorts, evil twin tank, jen's pirate booty jewelry.


tell your son not to hold my hand

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fun outtakes, kate's boob, rusted aluminum, abbey and maryna.


snuffaluffagus color palette

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floatin downstream on a moonbeam

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beach goth

PC: shots of me by kemo, satsurfnyc
stylestalker tee, blu moon shorts, louise manna suspender chain, minnie rose shawl/scarf/hoodie/thingy,
my own crooked mouth.


supa dupa

PC: wildfox, sherriecola, lancesachs, elinkling