one two one two

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apparently, i don't put rosebud salve on in an attractive manner.
on another note, ash and mandy need elin's shirt.


believe me

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ashley, malia, and moi in an outtake from the degenerates. ash and malia in american gold, which finally arrived... i got mine! ash looked soooo rad in the voodoo dress that malia and i begged her to join us in front of the camera. models doing sad-puppy-faces works wonders! and thanks to lily, you can see what a doofus i really am and why ash calls me minnie mouse... here. (she also has footage of malia and i shuffling to johnny cash. i smell blackmail.)


long hair don't care

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your chariot awaits

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unedited outtakes from the latest planet blue lookbook, featuring mink pink. shop it here :)
muchas grrrracias a lily kaufman para los fotos!


i'll have what she's having

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post shoot wine and dine in venice with ash, hayley, and gabe the babe.

samba vexillographica

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you like music we can dance to, AK.


underwater overseas

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electric avenue

venice, california i love thee. where else would you find a plastic chair on a gnarly mattress? (my most prideful shot i've taken behind the lens.) disposable cameras, i also still love thee. don't get sad that people spend mucho dinero on digital. i will always buy you and then throw you away with love. and yes, first photo, i laugh at dangerrr.


we dream in colors

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check out the "let's colour project" here. so rad!



unedited outtakes... real magical solar power we're talkin. shot by erika seress. styled by ashley glorioso (aka purse 'n boots, if you don't know now you knoow uh). hair magic by roxanne grace. boss lady hayley magrini.



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32 oz to freedom

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wearing white for nye, floripa style. nightcap dress, love heals necklace, soixante neuf and kerri wilder rings. the very studly caguama wears a brown bag from 7eleven.