children of the sun

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vintage suede vest with fringe, nightcap flamingo skirt, malibu beachfront rooftop.


Oracle Fox said...

Stop it!!! I just bought a little dress that looks just like your skirt!!! Oh I keep forgetting to tell you AWOL means Away Without Leave, I think somebody once told me the army say when someone just leaves and doesn't come back, it's naughty. Actually I am Awol again now, camping down south, surfing alot and drinking beers at the cutest clifftop pub ever and wishing you and Purse n boots and my other blogger ladies could join in on the festivities!! Hope you're having a little chrissie break too! xxx

Haute-fly said...

The reason why I am so excited for SS11.

Such a gorgeous blog. Please feel free to have a little look at mine...