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i'm wearing a blue life tee, wildfox shorts, chan luu wrap bracelts, and steve madden boots. shot taken by gabriel the babe-riel (doesn't like to be called gabe) off of the pch on topanga canyon.


purse 'n boots said...

you know that's one of my FAVE pics of you babealicious!!! you look like a little babe in the woods! haha love you!!!!!! hotness!

ash <3

Oracle Fox said...

here she is, where you been my beautiful girl? We missed your posts, oh it looks like you've been collecting wood in the forrest like a little beaver, hhe, this photo of you is redic!!! We need more outfits post please! Hey so that's funny I didn't realise people might not know what unco meant, it's short for unco-ordinated, it's a dodgy old high school term. And I know how crazy is that eagle feathery silver necklace, I nearly fainted and got carried away on a stretcher when I found it in some granny type store in byron, it's one of my most treasured possessions, if only it was real silver it's starting to tarnish :-( . Will have to try to get a real one made next time I'm in Indo. xxxx

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

my two fave people in the cosmos right nowwwww ahhhhhh.

oh na na- i put that pic for juuuu.
artist queen- i am so unco. teach me more! hehe

Alara Kap said...

You have such a fun blog!


TristanEmma said...

Such a rad photo! This post makes me want to visit the coast or possibly the Virgin Islands.. mmmmmm!



xx said...

amazing last picture!

Oracle Fox said...

Hey my babalicious! Oh my god you have to come to australia and do some market action with me! And then you should fly to Sydney and go see Chic or Viviens and they'll have all over the pages of everything and then you buy as many amazing buffalo girl leather goodies as you like!! hehehe. xx

rich girls. said...

you are super gorgeous.
i love this relaxed summer look. perfect for our australian weather right now!
i especially like the colour palette and you hair, oh my! x.