geek off duty

cruising in for a shoot... beautiful lily snapped a few photos of my plastic frames and plastic cup.
lucca couture jumper, eberjey bralette, jen's pirate booty bangles.


she's gonna need a green card

all photos by my sweet friends ljuba lassala and travis mccormick. photographers and lovers, they nest in a tree house with their stud muffin dog, mr. bones.


that was heaps of fun hey

apologies for the totally uncool hiatus. venice was swimming with aussies!! not only was the almighty mandy in town, but a few other amazing creative freakazoids as well! i was lucky enough to work on a special project that allowed me to have one of the funnest days of my life (all thanks to shabby!). here's a behind-the-scenes video from the planet blue shoot that kicked off the crazy two weeks! video skillzzz by lily kaufman, mastermind hayley magrini, styling by ash 'n boots, hair and crazy eyes by roxanne grace, poses by angelina, benjamin, and meeself.


radiant child

PC: radiant child polaroid screenshot by kristyan, ruradelia, neil krug


how can you catch the sparrow

PC: googleandshit, dirtyblonde. words- crosbystillsnashandyoung


clarissa explained it all

PC: planetblue, src783, charmedimsure, random, borntobewild
can't get over the artwork that tami snodgrass puts out into the uni. that's her rollin in the last photo and one of her deck pieces above. her latest work, on a surfboard, is so dreamy. i can't stop staring at it alllll.