32 oz to freedom

PC:nickdavis, words-sublime
wearing white for nye, floripa style. nightcap dress, love heals necklace, soixante neuf and kerri wilder rings. the very studly caguama wears a brown bag from 7eleven.


Serena said...

Love that nightcap dress & your hair! Gorgey.



fashionwave said...

i wanted to wear white soo bad for nye too! i was trying to find some sort of lace/fringe dress..but that didn't happen :-( you look great though!

Oracle Fox said...

So feeling like a complete kook right now but I had to google caguama, heheheheh which I can swap some local knowledge with you, we call a tallie(but you guys prob might do too?) Anyways you and your sexy mexican friend make one hot pair, now give me that dress! xxx

krystal said...

sarahhhhhhhhh! i looked throught your whole blog i think, its so great! and ps- i think you should sign with a modeling agency asap. im your #1 fan

xo me