chismosas hermosas

PC: tylershaw
something new, something old, something blue, one vans shoe.
valeria's sweet wedding. we avoided the bouquet, but picked up the scraps and accessorized accordingly. the last pic is of the bride after the after-party. her husband was right next to her :)
blu moon dress, chan luu wrap bracelet, kettle black stud bracelet, vintage tibetan cuff.


Marta & Paula said...

Last pic its so lovely and funny!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous girls!!


bravegrrl said...

pretty girls with flowers in their hair... nothing sexier :)

Oracle Fox said...

Aaaaaa super pretty!!! Hey did you ask the bride where her other shoe is, hehe, i know sorry that was dumb, first day back at work for a couple of days and I'm as silly as a wheel! x