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can't get over the artwork that tami snodgrass puts out into the uni. that's her rollin in the last photo and one of her deck pieces above. her latest work, on a surfboard, is so dreamy. i can't stop staring at it alllll.


Chelsealauren said...

that deck is radddddd!
and i love these photos

x chelsea

Anonymous said...

i LOVED that show when i was in grade school... her outfits were the best. and she had a friggen alligator named elvis and an awesome phone covered in buttons or something-

can you tell i was OBSESSED?!


Unknown said...

love this post!!and the use of pink! OBSESSED with your blog its a part of my daily life!

saw warpaint in concert this weekend! sick


Unknown said...

Another gorgeous set of photos! Love them!

eliza sloane said...

OH NO....i'm already addicted to your blog...now i will probably spend the rest of my night snooping through the archives of tami snodgrass. obsessing over her work...esp the painted surfboards and skateboards!!!

Aubrey. said...

love the polaroid!

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FashionIndie said...

SICK boards! Such righteous designs, in love. Also lusting over that Polaroid.