beach goth

PC: shots of me by kemo, satsurfnyc
stylestalker tee, blu moon shorts, louise manna suspender chain, minnie rose shawl/scarf/hoodie/thingy,
my own crooked mouth.


Ashley said...

love the title, love the pics, love you!

fashionwave said...

love the jellyfish tee! and the last pic...ahh i wish the ocean wasn't so cold right now in delaware! :-(

Unknown said...

Really cool photos! I love the clothes too!

Oracle Fox said...

will you stop being so freakinggg awesome!! Where is this skateramp? can we go there, i'm dying, hehe! And that car arghhhhh, me love these picciesss! I'll send you an undate email, let you know what's happen, getting jiggy widdit, i'm gettin ready to pack my hair gel, crimpin iron and purple eye shadow so we can paint the town 1982 lipstick red, bayybayy!! xxx

closet obsessions said...

these photos are killer.


Wise Rabbit Says said...

love these pics, you have great style
i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think


Great pics, love the feel.
The jelly fish print is awesome.

purse 'n boots said...

you look gorgeous!!!! but the stylist sucks. hahahahhaaa love youuuuu

ash <3

liv said...

I stand corrected.. These maybe the coolest. How I miss the old days down at the skate park.. To be young again. Though I never looked that good haha. You are totally rocking these lady.

x x x x Liv

Darina said...

love the third one...so hot...and gorgeous hair....!

Greetings from germany,
xx D.