diy Garance Doré Tote

You need: -Tote, shirt, whatever -A picture you like (simple lines=good) -Pencils -Fabric Paints -Brushes

I picked one of my favorite of Doré's sketches- the girl in Alexander Wang.

I picked up this tracing trick from a friend-- first, go over the entire picture in pencil. You have to write hard or go over it a bit to make sure there's enough to transfer over.

Position the picture where you want (and remember it will be a mirror of the original) then secure it. Sure you could use tape but I grabbed an over-sized candle and that worked too. You just do not want it to move. Once it's in place, rub the image onto the tote.

You don't have to scribble all over (sometimes that works though) so you end up with a scribbled out image on the back of your picture and a faint sketch on the tote.

Break out the paints and if you are not the world's greatest artiest (or one of the worst, like me) start with the bigger lines and work your way onto the details.

She's done! About half-way through I really regretted not going out and buying new brushes (but hay! I have those old ones in the drawer!). I even used a mechanical pencil dipped in paint for her face. Also took a bit of creative licence with Garance's sketch (i.g. I messed up).

Love her! Now get to work.

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Anonymous said...

she looks a bit like groucho marx after you scribbled on her. hahaha.