slumber party

polaroid portraits to document a righteous weekend in los angeles shared with visitors.
in order of appearance:
1. aaron gonzalez, pbr outta the bar. rad.
2. krystal simpson, being bad ass. what else is new? what is reality anyway?
3. hayley magrini, lil angel dreaming of smart things like geniuses do.
4. mandy shadforth, high off the fairfax flea market and ranch dressing.
5. moi, in front of a mexican joint. requested by mandy.
6. ashley glorioso, the best nugget of all the nuggets in nuggetland.


Ashley Johnson said...

You and your motley crew seem to have so much fun.. I want to come party with you!



Oracle Fox said...

oh man i was so high, i'm still coming down! When I come back can we go again prettttyy please!! xxx

Essay Writer said...

the model is so pretty