in the undertow

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top and denim shorts by mink pink, garage door by gabe's neighbor.


liv said...

So feeling this post right now, and missing on the spring time. I didn't get enough of it last year! And now I really want an adorable baby fox..

Love the latest track too. We can always count on you for the greatest tunes lady!

x x x x

Rea said...

all the pictures are absolutely amazing but the one I'm in love is the first one! what on earth is this adorable thing though, a cat or some kind of fox? hehe

Bethane said...

Great post :) Love Warpaint at the moment, they have such great style as well! you look great in that last photo :)


eliza sloane said...

agree about warpaint, kind of obsessing over their tunes and style right now....and love your outfit in the last pic!

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great.

Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support!


cat said...

hey babe thanks for the comment. sweet blog! i looove alfie!
cat x

Oracle Fox said...

hows my little chicolina!! you are the cutest thing ever!! Can't wait to catch up when I come your way! xxxxx

One More Chance Vintage said...

Such a good post! Love visiting your blog!

Xx One More Chance

Oh.Kate. said...

Umm that first picture just had my heart melting a little! And of course, this has been yet another great assortment of images!

popdisorder said...

you are beautiful

sofia said...

On Sienna: She was never prettier than in this movie. loved her every single second of it.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!

galatea. said...

my god, i have to follow you.. your photos and feel of life are just too pure and amaaaazing. thanks for sharing x

Emma said...

I/m loving this inspiration.