unedited outtakes... real magical solar power we're talkin. shot by erika seress. styled by ashley glorioso (aka purse 'n boots, if you don't know now you knoow uh). hair magic by roxanne grace. boss lady hayley magrini.


Yvette said...

these pictures are so pretty!



fashionwave said...

here comes the sun

too young for fashion said...

these pictures are amazing. the lighting is beautiful. loving your blog!



Anonymous said...

hello there(: i just happened to find your blog and so glad i did! you have a cute blog with amazing photography that is truly inspiring! so glad i dropped by(:



Oracle Fox said...

Ola lovebug!! Holey shiteballs, these photos are sooo beautiful!!! Ash's styling and that beautiful light, you look like a little fairy nomad hippie!! How was the bday? hope you had a sick night and didn't get too stuck into the tallies! xx

purse 'n boots said...

meoooowwwwzaaaaa you are looking ULTRA hottie!! forgot about these that was ages ago! poor you had to hike
in those boots hahahaha fun times yo! i miss you to bitssss--so annoyed your paperwork didn't go through in time for last weekend--but it was a disaster actually worked in your favor hahaha dyyyying to see you mama. LOOOVE youuuuuu

a <3 now you know

calla said...

breathtaking post.

come follow me!

<3 calla

marie laure said...

amazing pics!!!!!! <3