electric avenue

venice, california i love thee. where else would you find a plastic chair on a gnarly mattress? (my most prideful shot i've taken behind the lens.) disposable cameras, i also still love thee. don't get sad that people spend mucho dinero on digital. i will always buy you and then throw you away with love. and yes, first photo, i laugh at dangerrr.


Oracle Fox said...

Eeeek watch up honeybunch, you look like your pullin a stunt for magnum p.i . but i say it makes a sick shot so no wonder you got your magnum on!! How cute is that ssecond shot and the bearded man pearched on top! I am a little bit in love with disposables too, some of my fav shots I took with a disposable in Hawaii last year, the underwater ones particularly give a really cool retro vibe! ahhh cameras are my weekness. xxx

Annachiara said...



Anonymous said...

Cool Pics:)