merry raunchmas

that just happened. after a lovely and calm dinner at la poubelle, travis, ljuba, and i found ourselves back in the treehouse with cabin/christmas fever. swimming in heaps of gifts and getting high off wrapping paper, we needed fresh air again. so naturally, we dressed in our christmas best and took a stroll to the market next door for some cervezas. silly teenager syndrome ensued. we're not in venice anymore toto.

wishing you all a cozy weekend and very merry raunchmas. xx sari, lju, and travis too.

travis's superrr famous hawaiian shirts, vintage cardi's, blu moon heart sunnies.
all evidence shot by travis mccormick.


Souzana Baradie said...

Ok, this is one hell of a shoot!
I LOveeeee, loveeee it <3
Merry Christmas, xxx


Oh.Kate. said...

So cute! For a spur of the moment thing, the pictures turned out beautifully! I thought it was a planned shoot!

Merry Christmas!


Cirene said...

Lol...too cute <3

Sarita said...

wonderful photos!! some of these great shots could be a part of some catalogue/lookbook!:) i love all the fantastic colors, these photos give a good feeling!:)

Planet Blue Hay said...

LOVEEEEE this so much!!! ❤

born to be wild said...

YES!!!! love this <3

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