oh the passenger and i ride i ride

PC: travismccormick, earth-age, chelseademirgian, cosmicdust, comeonuptothehouse, veronicasais. words-iggy pop
beautiful tribal flower ljuba, wanderer outfit, david and chelsea, dreamy rob, dreamy keith, me dreamin, home?


sadie d. love said...

love iggy pop, and rob, and keith, and your summerish, cool & dreamy post. wonderful. wouldn't put it better myself.


Closet Cravings said...

Lovin' the first and sixth photos. =)

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SweetScape said...

like always... in love with your posts and images. ;)
one of my favorits blogs, 4 sure.
warm kisses from Brazil.
xoxo, bruna.

Zoƫ Kate said...

That first photo is gorgeous! Love all the images...mmmmm...summer...


Planet Blue - Hayley said...

lovvvvvve the pic of you sleeping!!! soooo pretty <3

Pidge said...

Keith totally has a boner

blondehaus said...

These are such great photos! i really like them, and your blog!