jane says i'm going away to spain

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sorry about the once a week posts- lame. but tomorrow is the last day of school foreverrrr so bare with me please! theme song getting me through finals hell week- jane says by jane's addiction. holaaaa mallorcaaaa :)


celeste said...

fantastic inspiration. each of these photos have a great feel to them.

Rea said...

great post! Are you still going to school? how old r you?

Oh.Kate. said...

I am just getting out of my one post a day trend. But this post is so summery and nice. Love it!


LINundSAN said...

we love your blog & follow you! great inspirations :)

Mrs. C said...

Love these photos! Totally me in bed on vacations lol! Saw on PB blog you graduated! Congrts! No more school! Love following your blog!

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Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOVE your blog!!!!
i've been following it for a while and it never ever lets me down! congrats on your last day :D

samantha rae said...

hey, i just found your blog and boyy am i impressed! i just creeped you hard! hehe. i'm now following. xo

Aubrey. said...

love your blog! new follower!


Lucia said...

all of your photos on your blog are so inspirational, i love looking at them xxx