radiant child

PC: radiant child polaroid screenshot by kristyan, ruradelia, neil krug


Oh.Kate. said...

I love the picture by the pool. So awesome!

sofia said...

I need to go to the sea... I feel like California

Ashley Johnson said...

Amazing photos.. Love me some Devendra Banhart


Zoë said...

Is the first photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat? The artist? My dad was in NY at the same time as his flourishing career and members of my dad's band were friends with Jean-Michel. They did work with him in the 80s. Such an inspiring story of young but talented art. Love the image and your blog, I am a new reader!



Wild Flower said...

Basquiat! Mad love! Have you seen Radiant Child? The doco on Basquiat? I enjoyed it a lot. Love all you pictures on here! x

bravegrrl said...

basquiat <3

liv said...

Beautiful photos..
And I so badly wanna go to South America!

Liv <3

Zoë said...

In response to your response-- I go to that one too! It's right near my house. And I had actually just watched "Radiant Child" that day before I saw your post. One of my dad's songs from his band Konk is in the soundtrack of the documentary. I'm glad other people are aware of such amazing art :)

SweetScape said...

hey,,, are u from brazil?
love the post and just love your blog.
hope u come visit mine. ;)

warm kisses from brazilllll...
xoxo, bruna.